Viewtiful Osvit
  • Release Date 05 Feb 2018
  • Catalogue BIA044
Osvit - He's Sleeping
Osvit - Macpator
Osvit - Succes
Osvit - Viewtiful
  • ARSENIU Tzinah / Binaural Arts
    nice ones,thanks
    nice minimal sound, will play! Thnx
  • Anton Pau
    great release!
  • TOHIL Binaural Arts
    good!! thanks... :)
  • hTT Binaural Arts
    Huge Beats
  • zepovek
    awesome sound, will try them! thanks
  • CK
    Cheers! I love the 2nd and 4th track!
  • Re Us Bad Barbie Records
    Nice grooves with intricated sound, will play!
  • morovan03 Binaural Arts
    awesome !
  • djclementine Binaural Arts
    thumps up
  • djalejandrofernandez Binaural Arts
    Nice! Thnx
  • Khristian K Moira Audio
  • zick.zack8 Binaural Arts
    Its very Groovy, I will play that for sur. Thanks
  • geobaz0 Binaural Arts
  • jeandarm Binaural Arts
    Thx mate/ take it
  • George Ellis Leftback
    Viewtiful is the one, great track
  • moeckli2 Binaural Arts
    Crazy Style !! Deep Respect!! Cheers Hans
  • Nathan Burns and Elio Krass MICROZOO
    Great music thank you !
  • patrascu.hariton Binaural Arts
  • acsivlad Binaural Arts
    nice sounds
  • taslinkov Binaural Arts
  • 0674505759z Binaural Arts
  • Nico Ttosch Binaural Arts
  • a.lias
    Looking forward to spinning 'Macpator'- nothing better than deep break beat!
  • jovansuput Binaural Arts
  • chatbijad Binaural Arts
    great sounds, gonna play some next gig thanks
  • Luminescu
    Will definitely play these tracks! Amazing groove, great productions!
  • hansfritas Binaural Arts
    nice tunes.. thanks!
  • Maertz Konzentrisch Music
    Really nice music, I will play. Thanks!!!
  • gilles.lorsignol Binaural Arts
    nice !
  • soichitaki Binaural Arts
    nice tracks!! thank you.
  • Nico Ttosch Binaural Arts
    nicee thanks ;))
  • Danielle Nicole Binaural Arts
    good stuff. thanks!
  • Pankiun alma
    Nice sound!
  • Moett C Binaural Arts
    nice ep, thx! ©  Cookies Policy

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